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Split Crooked Jacks - Rusty Feather

by Crooked Jacks

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released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Crooked Jacks Sherbrooke, Québec

Crooked Jacks are Canadian punk-rock warriors hailing from the musical purgatory of Sherbrooke, Quebec. From street punks to aging skaters caught up in an adult world they can’t figure out… anyone can relate to these guys.

Created in 2009 after many long nights, blistered fingers and various vices, Crooked Jacks mixes fast paced punk rock with catchy, almost country, guitar riffs.
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Track Name: The Departed - Crooked Jacks

I’ve been trying to ignore,

what lies beyond,

But it comes knocking at my door

Someone much loved will soon be gone.

This road can’t be long enough.

Can’t we take the long way?

Can’t we stop for a drink?

I’m screaming in my head.

Next ride will take us to the top,

but I’m not feeling up.

Eleventh floors not far away,

Then down the hall and to the left.

I see him lying there, but he’s not really here

Looking at him

He’s higher than I’ve ever been.

That man is dying, I see it onscreen.

That news reporter, she’s looking at me.

While we watch it onscreen the drip of him morphine

That man in dying, I watch it on screen.

Phone is ringing off the hook,

she stops to take a look.

Mom is calling and just for a few moments she felt good.

Before she has time to say hi seems its grandpa’s time to die.

Say your final goodbye’s.

Highway seems longer than it’s ever been.

244 kilometers to feel the pain,

And the darkness outside give her no place to hide.

She knows, she’ll never see him again.

That man is dying, I see it onscreen.

That news reporter, she’s looking at me.

While we watch it onscreen the drip of him morphine

That man in dying, higher than I’ve been.
Track Name: Racoon Disguise - Crooked Jacks
Raccoon Disguise

Sunken black eyes check my raccoon disguise

A sack full of potential

conscience spouting true lies

"It can always get worse than this" they said

theres no talking sense to walking dead

Goals that never made the highlight reel

Races won simply by standing still

A career of struggling to breath

Juggling nihilism and a loosening grip on reality


I use this break dance

to camouflage my breakdowns

I question the character of those that

still seem to want me around

Don't know how to perceive any random situation

Am I a pig awaiting slaughter?

Or the guy bringing home the bacon?

The Wallenda family would be pretty impressed

As I negotiate the tightrope

between helpless and useless

The crowd in awe, and at the edge of their seats

Soaking in the potential for potential defeat.

Sunken black eyes

Check my raccoon disguise

Sack full of potential

My conscience spouting true lies

It can always get worse is what they said

There's no talking sense to walking dead

It can always get worse inside your head

There's no talking sense to walking dead
Track Name: Mother Nature (Don't take no shit) - Crooked Jacks
Mother Nature (don't take no shit)

Did you see the news today?

It appears the earth is swelling

Did you read the news today?

Mother earth is rebelling

Well, it only seemed to figure

it was just a matter of time.

No one ever figured it would be

within our lifetime

Mass production, mass consumption

leads to mass destruction

How long 'till we realize it's

ourselves we're fucking?

Did you see the news today?

It appears the earth is bleeding

A direct result

of all this greed we're feeding

well, the natural world

seems to have been taken over

Like parasites we feed.

The earth can no longer shoulder

The burden put upon it

by a society like ours

Ignoring whats beneath our feet

while reaching for the stars

and the money
Track Name: Everybody Leaves - Crooked Jacks
Everybody Leaves

Remembering back when we were kids

And all of than dumb shit we did

Best buds till the end. Now we don’t speak

You taught me long ago that

Everybody leaves X7

If you don’t then I will

My grandparents are dead now gone away

My folks are alive but don’t talk to me

Excommunicated but not angry

I learned long ago that

Everybody leaves X7

If you don’t then I will

Matt’s part not sure on the words….

If you stay then I will leave

I’ll be dead and you will greave

Our sweetest love won’t mean a thing

You’ll be on your knees when

Everybody leaves X8

Everybody leaves

But it’s alright

Everybody leaves

Maybe I’ll see you tonight

Then I’ll drink with you
Track Name: Mirrors - Crooked Jacks

I'm trying to find an answer

I'm trying to find a reason

Trying to find things

that I can believe in

But all I find is trouble,

and ways to unwind

I hate everything,

even when I'm having a good time

So I'll just sit here

staring at this wall all night

Ignoring glares and conversation

that might make my life bearable

Insecurity cuts like a knife to my throat

I've got so many thoughts

I've got ideas to express

It must be the drugs. I must be a mess

I'm a walking punchline.

I'm a human anecdote

The sad clown

after being introduced to dope

So I'll just sit here

grinding my teeth all night

Nothing I could say

would ever come out right

Like Dangerfield I'll get

no respect tonight or any other

Like Rodney I'm dead

All of my mirrors are broken